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Tsinghua energy-saving building


    This proposal intends to develop an online resource center to host several case studies of modeling and control in energy-efficient buildings. This will create educational material for researchers to learn some popular simulation software in the field, and to test control and optimization methodologies on some real test beds. Such hands-on experience will greatly help the users to enter the field. We will create case studies for learning the simulation software, EnergyPlus. Many efforts have been directed into the field of building design optimization concerning building energy performance. In this field, the whole building energy simulation program EnergyPlus has been extensively used and validated, facilitating related engineering and researches. In this project we will provide materials helping beginners to gain a primary experience on how to use EnergyPlus to estimate buildings energy consumptions, to design energy-efficient buildings, and to evaluate the effectiveness of HVAC systems control laws.


    These materials are suitable to the beginners who want to use EnergyPlus to understand building energy issues. The audience may include college, undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in using EnergyPlus. EnergyPlus is a very powerful and popular software in the building research area. However, it is very complicated and difficult for beginners because it has to be configured with many parameters and modules before running it. This is even more difficult for college students. In this proposal, we aim to use some case studies pre-developed in EnergyPlus, and provide to the users some ready-configured models of buildings and associated HVAC control laws. We will provide some simplified configuration modules, and enable users to customize their own models in an easy way. This will encourage the beginners to use EnergyPlus more in their projects or studies, and to become interested in the building technologies science.