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The 1013285 th visit

Beijing Time: 2017-02-20 23:21:51




The Center for Intelligent and Networked Systems (CFINS) is to provide a physical and intellectual environment for the intelligent analysis, design, and operation of complex and networked systems such as computer and communication networks, power systems, and supply chains by making innovative use of analytical methods and information technology.

With its research team consisting of internationally well-known visiting members from US and Hong Kong and resident members from Tsinghua as well as Tsinghua's top notch graduate students, the Center provides outstanding opportunities for interdisciplinary research and education that are responsive to the changing needs of the society. The collective vision of its members and the emphasis on addressing emerging and critical issues through advanced theoretical methods will make Tsinghua University, in particular its School of Information Science & Technology and the Department of Automation, a renowned center of gravity on intelligent and networked systems.